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Wed 5th Feb 2020


NWM's umbrella solution replaces the burden and inconsistency that comes with managing your contract payments with a regular income you can depend on.

As an employee of NWM, you're entitled to paid holiday, meaning you'll never be out of pocket ...

Fri 20th Dec 2019

Setting Goals for 2020

With the end of the year on the horizon it's important to review the goals you set for both yourself and your business for 2019. Did you achieve them all? If you didn't, were you SMART about how you ...

Mon 2nd Dec 2019


We’ve got to that time of the year where the build up to Christmas is in full swing now and everyone is planning how to spend the festive period. But with this time of the year being as busy as ...
Mon 21st Oct 2019

How to integrate into a team as a Contractor

When you are hired as a contractor, you will be expected to settle in fairly quickly, and start work right away. It can be daunting to be the contractor starting in an existing team so here are some tips to ...
Wed 18th Sep 2019

How To Achieve A Work Life Balance As A Contractor

Life as a contractor has many benefits, you work on projects when they suit you, and you have the freedom and flexibility to move from assignment to assignment.

However, as a contractor you can find that the work life balance ...
Fri 9th Aug 2019

Contractors, Why Work With An Umbrella Company?

There are many people who are working as contractors, trying to manage everything that comes with running a business but still seem to get stuck or hit a barrier when it comes to the paperwork. You love the work you ...
Mon 22nd Jul 2019

Utilising Social Media As A Contractor

The success of any business relies on the integrity, reliability and communication with your clients, and this is no different for contractors. Building a contractor business relies on your reputation.

Having a marketing strategy will help build relationships and contractor ...

Wed 26th Jun 2019

Are Contractors Saving For The Future?

Saving for the future and for retirement is important but it can often be pushed to one side to make way for other expenses and the cost of living. Studies show that many contractors are not saving enough for the ...

Mon 3rd Jun 2019

5 Ways Contractors Can Promote Their Services

If you are a contractor, you are responsible for advertising your services and promoting yourself in order to gain your next assignment. This can be done either through a client directly or through a recruitment agency however, whichever way you ...

Wed 10th Apr 2019

The new payslip legislation: April 2019

From the 6th of April 2019, new legislation – known as the Employment Rights Act 1996 will change how UK employers provide payslips to their workforce and will hopefully make things clearer, enabling employees to see ...

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