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5 Ways Contractors Can Promote Their Services

Mon 3rd Jun 2019

If you are a contractor, you are responsible for advertising your services and promoting yourself in order to gain your next assignment. This can be done either through a client directly or through a recruitment agency however, whichever way you choose, it’s up to you to make your skills and availability attractive.

Here are 5 ways to promote your services as a contractor

1 Improve your contractor local SEO results

Search engine results (SEO) is an important part of the puzzle when it comes to finding local business with local clients. When clients are searching the web for new contractors, you need to be easily accessible and stand out from the crowd.
There are certain ways that you can achieve good SEO result and your services ranking high on Google by tweaking a few things on your website, if you have one. Social media profiles are also contributors to search engine results, so if you use social media for business, ensure that these are all up to date with your location and information.

• Optimise your website content to reflect your local area - the areas in which you wish to be found within search results.
• Optimise your Google My Business page - ensuring that address and relevant information is completed.
• Optimise the header tags on your website
• Optimise title and description tags on your website for local searches

2 Ask your clients for reviews

If appropriate, ask your clients to give you a review of the services that you’ve provided. This helps to build credibility and trust for new clients looking in. Great places that will have an impact on your SEO is reviews on Google or TrustPilot (or other trustworthy sites), as well as Facebook and LinkedIn. Once you’ve gained reviews from past clients, you can use these on your website to celebrate your successes and showcase your skills.

3 Keep in touch with past and recurring clients

You never know when a past client could need further projects completing, so what better way than to stay in touch with past clients on a regular basis. You could manage this by email marketing, in the form of newsletters or regular email updates which will allow you to showcase offers or promotions, referrals, or general brand awareness keeping your business in the forefront of client’s minds the next time they are looking for a contractor.

4 Stay up to date on social media

Social media is a great business tool and a way to stay in touch with potential clients. By engaging with social networking and talking with people who may be interested in your services, joining local business groups, and maintaining a business profile where people can look you up will go a long way for local custom. There are various channels you can try, if you spend too much time on Facebook in a personal capacity, why not try out LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter? All are platforms where you can reach an audience by being present, available and knowledgeable. The key point is to choose a platform that you are comfortable with and can keep updated on a regular basis with relevant news or updates.

Have you ever thought about starting a YouTube channel? If you’re able to demonstrate your services, provide ‘how to’ videos or be a face to your services, why not give it a try? It could make the difference of you standing out from all the other contractors in your area and enable you to score the next big contract that comes along if a client likes what they see!

5 Become an Expert

A great way of letting people know what you can do and what you have to offer is by showing off your expertise. People like to know that they have an expert on board or an expert to turn to if they need advice. The more you showcase your skills, the higher chance of securing contracts when the time comes.
LinkedIn is a great place to show your expertise, by joining and contributing to groups, answering questions from your LinkedIn connections in your newsfeed or simply by writing articles. You could also offer your skills by writing for local or industry bulletin boards, information sites or newspapers / magazines.
If you’re able to get your name known within your industry, it will help build your credibility and establish you as an expert or leader, where people will start to come to you for their next assignment.

Building a reputation as a contractor can be hard but if you put in a dedicated effort to raise the awareness of your services, you’ll not have a problem in securing contracts or assignments.

If you’re just starting out as a contractor and need to focus on attracting new clients, not spreading yourself thin by managing the finance side of your business too, working with an umbrella company could be the perfect solution for you.

When it comes to working with NWM, your pay is our priority. Let us take the hassle of chasing clients for payments away from you, freeing you up to produce the client work while we focus on ensuring that you get paid correctly and on time. Sound good? Get in touch today for a no obligation chat and a chance to see what business model would suit you best.

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