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Mon 2nd Dec 2019
We’ve got to that time of the year where the build up to Christmas is in full swing now and everyone is planning how to spend the festive period. But with this time of the year being as busy as any other it’s important to plan the next 6 weeks out to avoid the feeling of overwhelm.

You may have a clear plan for how you’re going to manage the workload and your clients as a contractor but if it’s your first Christmas as a contractor then these tips may come in handy:

Plan ahead your working pattern from mid-December to the end of the year and communicate this to your clients as soon as you can. You may want to reduce your hours to enjoy the festivities or even take the opportunity to get away on holiday.

Likewise you may want to understand from clients if they are closed over Christmas or operating as usual.

Traditionally this can be a quieter time of year so it’s a great opportunity to update your CV and ensure your LinkedIn profile is updated in readiness for any new opportunities you will want to be considered for in 2020.

Take the opportunity to reflect on the successes of the year, what’s worked well and what has been the biggest benefit you have taken from contracting?

Are there any areas that you want to invest in when it comes to your knowledge? Now is a great time to look at training, research other sources of information such as podcasts, articles and blogs.

Plan ahead for 2020; what do you want from your career next year? Have a strategy so that going into next year you can hit the ground running!

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