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How To Make Your Contracting Profile Stand Out On Linkedin

Wed 21st Jun 2017
With LinkedIn being such a strong influence in the online world, being the biggest professional network, it has become even more essential for individuals to have a LinkedIn profile, with the vital step of keeping it relevant, professional and as up to date as possible.
So is it relevant for a Contractor to have a LinkedIn profile?
The answer to this is definitely “yes”. A large amount of employers and agencies search LinkedIn to fill their positions. To be in with a good chance of winning a contract or securing a job, you need to be in it to win it!
You can indicate that you’re actively seeking contract work and mention when your current contract expires which will enable a recruiter to understand your availability.
Here are 5 top tips for contractors using LinkedIn
• The most vital step is that your profile is kept up to date. Employers can search via keywords and if you have missed something off your profile that would be relevant to that position, you may overlooked. Add in all your positions as they come and go, as well as any volunteer work or temporary positions that you have had so that all your experience can be seen by anyone that is looking.
• Write a really good summary as this is where you have a chance to sell yourself. Inside your summery try to use keywords relevant to your niche that employers will be searching for to enhance your chance of being found.
• Connect with people. That’s right, engage and reach out to people that you don’t know! The whole point of networking is meeting new people and to build relationships.
• Ask for endorsements and recommendations. Once you’ve got a network of people behind you, you can ask past employers or colleagues to endorse your skills or send a recommendation of your work that will show on your profile. Great for any employer looking for your particular skill set.
• Join relevant groups. There are hundreds of groups related to areas of business life on LinkedIn which you can search for and ask to join. These groups will give you a safe place to ask questions, to engage with like-minded people and also for employers/companies to see that you are actively seeking to network. The more you engage, the more you will stand out and be noticed.
So if you’re a contractor wondering whether LinkedIn is for you, don’t hesitate in setting up a profile or re-kindling an old one. LinkedIn is by far a great place for professionals to find their next career move.
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