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The TakeHome Pay Calculator - An Essential Tool For Contracting

Wed 14th Nov 2018

If you’re new to contracting, you may not know what a contracting take home pay calculator is, and why it’s important to planning out your financial year. You’ll soon discover that if used correctly, it can help plan your finances and set you up with a better chance to estimate your weekly or monthly income, to help with tax payments and other necessities throughout a year.

If you wonder how different rates of pay could make a difference to your yearly income, using a take home pay calculator will show just how much you could be taking home each month. So, if you are negotiating a rate of pay with a new client, this is a great tool to plan ahead.

Our take home calculator is easy to use, simply enter your rate of pay per hour or day, and whether you get paid weekly or monthly and the calculator will work out the rest.

** Try our take home pay calculator **

The assumptions are based on the following, when calculations are made:


• No Supervision, direction or control on any assignment during the tax year.
You receive a tax refund from HMRC after the tax year end on any expenses incurred but not reimbursed during the year. The refund amount is included as an average weekly or monthly amount.


• Flat rate Scheme for VAT has been applied
• The assignments worked are not subject to IR35
• One Director in the company
• Directors Drawings of £8400 per year
• Accountancy Fees applied are as per the 2020 Standard Basic Package

Both Calculations

• 2018/19 Tax and NIC Rates
• Based on 40 hours per week.
• Work 52 weeks per tax year (4.3 weeks per month)
• Claiming average expenses for an employee working and staying away from home of £200.00 per week.
• Full Employee personal allowance per year (tax code 1185L)
• You have no earnings from other sources this tax year.

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