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Fri 8th Sep 2017
If you’d like a successful long term contracting career, there are a few elements you’re going to want to consider. Here at NWM, you can enjoy the security and benefits of being employed by NWM, but at the same time keep the flexibility of moving from assignment to assignment as you choose. Read on to discover our tips!
Renew your CV
Your CV is your very first impression. A well targeted CV is essential to get you noticed. Make sure you tailor your CV to the appropriate task, and ask someone to double check the spelling and grammar before submitting it.
Find a great accountant
Before you open the books to just anyone, ensure you choose the accountancy firm that best meets your particular needs. At NWM we ensure that you understand the options available. We tailor options to your individual circumstances and are fully supportive throughout the whole decision making process. You’re provided with your own qualified Personal Accountant - providing a first class, reliable service.
Choose the best payment structure
As a contractor, you can either use an umbrella company or start your own limited company - we can help support you with both! When it comes to getting paid, we will invoice the agency/client for the work you've done and take care of deducting margin, tax and National Insurance as required and send a payment directly to you.
Take Time off
Paid sick days and holiday are not generally part of the deal however, here at NWM you’re entitled to paid holiday, so you’re not out of pocket when you take a break! It’s healthy for your work/life balance to take time off, so don’t be afraid to do so. As an employee of NWM, you are also covered by comprehensive insurance policies, so you know you have the right level of protection while you're working with us.
Manage your expenses
As a contractor, it’s a priority to manage your expenses so you’re not left behind or worrying. NWM offers the ability to enter expenses, timesheets and other relevant information via simple and straightforward online access that anyone can understand. Work related expenses which you claim for are paid free of tax and National Insurance, which increases your take-home pay. You’ll also have access to a workplace pension scheme.
We know everybody has different requirements. That’s why we always give you everything you need and nothing less. It’s our goal to simplify your working life. If you’re interested in discovering more, get in touch here!
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