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Umbrella Contractors Are In Demand

Tue 13th Feb 2018
It’s good news for contractors in the UK as a recent report suggests that businesses are more likely to rely on freelancers and contractors to cover extra work loads within the workplace and also to cover specific skill sets that they lack. The PeoplePerHour survey of 1,000 SMEs and larger sized businesses revealed that as many as 57% said that they plan to hire more contractors than permanent workers by 2020.
Skill set is the key ingredient and a contractor offers a flexible and affordable way of working for many companies. The increase will be seen within healthcare, education, local government and emergency services / prison services as these areas are in demand for more personnel.
It is a chance for contractors to get in front of more clients, which could provide them with more work in the future - therefore, a great opportunity that should not be missed!
In the UK there are more than 30% of workers who are freelancing in some capacity, which provides the country with a great resource to be able to pull from, enabling contractors to provide work on their terms and using their skillset in an environment of choice.
A mixture of employment and contractors can be beneficial to any business providing both continuity, flexibility and mixture. Contractors can bring freshness and vitality to a company by bringing a new perspective to the table.
As we move forward into 2018 and see the increase in demand for contractors, here at NWM we offer the help and support that you need to keep your business going. As an umbrella company, we complete the paperwork on behalf of you, the contractor, and employ you on a PAYE basis through us. You continue to work as contractor - however with less hassle than managing on your own!
With the IR35 legislations now in place, umbrella companies are becoming a more favoured way of working for many contractors and therefore you can be confident that we have your best interests at heart as we look after your company.
If you’d like advice on working with an umbrella company, then contact us for an initial, no obligation chat!
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